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The LS Series is the best-selling large format cutting and engraving system on the market. No other laser system is more flexible and cost effective than this series, offering a host of available options, sizes, and laser wattages. This line is primarily designed for engraving applications. 

Our machines boast an engraving speed of up to 100 IPS (inches per second) and utilize micro stepping drives for unprecedented engraving detail. The standard system comes with an engraving deck and an adjustable head assembly.


  • Operators do not have to be programmers. Files can be created well before they are ready to run on the laser system and can be re-run without having to re-open the file on a PC.
  • Run history is captured, including cycle times on your network.
  • Multiple machines can be operated from one non-dedicated PC, or multiple PCs can create jobs for one laser system.
  • Machine diagnostics can be remotely checked with an internet connection.


The LS3648 System is designed for the Memorial Industry. This machine comes standard with Roller Track and Tile Tray.


The LS4848 system is also designed for the Memorial Industry. Like the LS3648, this system comes standard with Roller Track and Tile Tray.


 The LS4896 is designed for higher volume. It is available with roller tables for easy loading and/or unloading thick, heavy or cumbersome objects into the work area.


The LS610 has configurations and options that include custom table options, dual gantries and lasers, as well as material unwind and rewind, to meet the most demanding applications.

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