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FC Micro

Laser Machining Center

Meet the revolutionary FiberCab FC Micro—Vytek’s all-in-one precision laser-cutting system for sheet and tube.

The FiberCab comes with a live graphic interface and position tracking, with an oversized sliding access door for easy entry into work areas.

FiberCab’s flexible tube definition allows for adaptable shape cutting and unique extrusion profiles, and waste removal is simplified as small parts drop into an accessible drawer for quick removal.

The mobile tailstock allows for easy load/unload with convenient support for elongated parts. Pass the longer stock through the rotary or add the optional bar feeder for continuous processing.

Save time swapping out hot external optics to the optional cutting deck and power through various metal depths with laser strengths of 500 watts to 4kwatts.

Achieve micron cutting accuracy and unprecedented detail using FiberCab’s welding options for flat or tube applications and establish improved user operation with insitu programming control.


  • Vision lens welding
  • Three and 4-jaw auto chuck
  • Collet settings to 3” (75mm)
  • Bar feeder to 1.5” (38mm)
  • Air- and water-cool laser power to 4kwatt
  • Galvo laser for perfect black markings
  • Robotic load/unload
  • Tip/tilt for 5-axis tube cutting
  • Stent cutting


  • Up to 15” Z-Axis stroke.
  • 12” or 24” in Y-Axis stroke
  • 25”, 36” and 49” X-Axis stroke
  • Automatic or Manual focus for cutting
  • Capacitance height following 
  • Full Function Operator Interface for On-The Fly Program Adjustment with the integrated PC option


Simply answer a few questions about your industry or the materials you work with, and our program will design a machine that will meet your specific production or manufacturing needs.