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Laser Cutting System

The FiberCAB FC510 combines the latest developments in fiber laser technology with next generation air- and water-cooled lasers and simple, easy-to-use CNC controls to make it the most advanced and cost effective industrial-grade cutting system on the market. In designing the FC series, Vytek went beyond just building a laser system that only met market requirements. We focus on the real needs of the Fabricator and Manufacturer and the ever-changing production environments with an emphasis on quality production.

The FC Series fiber laser source choices are available in CW water cooled from 1500 watts through 6000 watts and can achieve highly focused spot density resulting in cutting speeds up to *4 times that of a comparable CO2 laser. In addition, with a focused spot size capability of *10 um/.0004 (model dependent) incredible detail is possible, even with thicker materials.

Users can easily interchange focus heads to the ideal configuration for the job at hand. Heads are available for Fine kerf cutting, thick material cutting has an optic focal range from 75 mm to 200 mm.



DesignBridge Gantry Style
Work Table Height910 mm/36″ (w/o pallet changer)
Max Load Weight2,000 lb
Axis StrokeFC10: 1575 mm (62″) x 3100 mm (122″)
Repeatability.05mm (.002″)
Drive Feed MethodFC10: Rack & Pinion & Ball Screw
Worksheet ClampsManual
Assist Gas System Specs22 BAR – 325 psi
Gas SupplyNitrogen, Oxygen
Laser Core FiberSingle & Multi-Mode (Laser power dependent) 
Air Cooled Quasi CW:

Water Cool Quasi CW:

150/1500 450/4500 watts


Wavelength1070-1080 um


Simply answer a few questions about your industry or the materials you work with, and our program will design a machine that will meet your specific production or manufacturing needs.